The Rituals


The Legend

This is the most important offering which is conducted on Meena Bharani. Two boys below 12 take woe wearing garland from the flag hoisting day. Kuthiyotta procession start from Thittamel SreeKrishna temple with Muthukkuda, Thalappoli, Ammankuda and the typical Kuthiyotta song after round the chengannur city reach Vandimala Devasthanam. The boys with bowed hands above the head keeping a knife with a lemon at its tip, while reach the temple are pierced on both sides of their body by strings of silver. After three circumblations of the shrine, placing 4 steps the strings are separated and offered to Devi. Thus the Kuthiyotta celebrations come to an end. Cane was used instead of strings in olden days.

The name Vandimala Devasthanam resembles the Vandimalachi Amman kovil near Sankaran Kovil. The consecration or fixing of the idols was not in the usual Ashtabandha style but a medicinal material named Arasanth, which is a paste made of 68 herbs, thus Abhisheka or Anointing was done on the Thrisul on which the holy energy was invoked.

The Legend

The seven feet heigh idols of Lord Sree Parameswara and Devi Parvathy facing north are seated on the same pedestal with his club in the right hand and right foot on his Rishabha and Devi Parvathy adorned with girdle and anklet, placing her foot on the vethal and holding sword and thrisul.Vandimala The reconstruction started in 2000 and the reconsecration was in 2003, the sculptor being Thattavila Rajaretinam and Thrippallur Sadasivan anointing is now done on the new Panchaloha idol. The secondary deities are Mutharamma, Ganapathy, Pechiamma, Bhairavaswami, Sreemurugan, Yogeeswaran, Serpent gods, Rakshas, Velichappad, Guru, Munnodi (nandikesha) and Ayyappa.