Amme saranam. No need to introduce myself, a slave of Amma, having so many sorrows, but still living happily in the shadow of Amma

RAJAN KOLLAVANA: i m really happy to see the website id on notice book 2011.sometimes we search different sites that's time also think y our temple have own site.i wish thanks to all behind to mke this seems still it has some deficiency to prepair our this year noticebook.everyone to know our temple have sriparvathyparamewar but the frontsheet give entirely different our see.

Aswathy Vishnu: Thanks to the Organisers, I got the festival information. It could have been in detail. Expecting more detailed festival programme.

RAMASWAMY C.S., MUMBAI: "Amme Saranam Devi Saranam". I am very proud to say that this site is very good & informative. Also we are getting all the festival information through this site. Keep updating.

Ajith Babu.A - Muscat: Though the MEENABHARANI MAHOTSAVAM is nearby, there is nothing mentioned in the 'news and events' in the website. It will be appreciated if the programme is added in the news item.

RAMASWAMY C.S., MUMBAI: Namasthe, Happy to see the Web. Thanks for the Achievement you all tried, especially the patron group run by Mr.Hariharan Sir. Regards Sajith,Mundankave, Kuwait